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76 Re: Gucci's Corner on Thu Apr 14, 2011 8:40 pm


I have never heard of the adam and eve pattern. I will go research it. Are you already long GBP/AUD or are you waiting for a close above the first resistance?


77 Re: Gucci's Corner on Mon Apr 18, 2011 6:59 am


i will post again new setups ,but overall all my setups still stand ,but we only struggle to find bottoms on most-- ATM im a bit worried of GJ as i still hold longs from 123.80 but not in panic mode yet- i do still target much higher levels , and for the gbp/aud - i surely think it is a classic addam and eve pattern on daily charts-- the addam is always very sharp and a sudden move,and the eve is most of the times a sort fo a rounded bottom - i closed my longs with a loss on friday and i keep watching it- as soon as i do see something again,i will rejoin again-

other USD crosses- i dont really know where are we going- mixed feelings - i personally see e/u drop to as low as 123's coming months, that is what my heart telling me,but my mind saying BULLISH - i dont know who to follow -

i will post as soon i get back in the market on something, but atm, i only have 2 open possitions
e/u longs and GJ longs- but already booked 500 pips on GJ and leave that pair alone-let he do his own thing, tryiing to ignor it atm.

78 Re: Gucci's Corner on Wed May 04, 2011 6:30 am


GBP/AUD STILL KEEP MY FAV PAIR,even i was a bit out of a bottom i guess- but eur/aud and gbp/aud just looks unbeleivable good with mega R/R returns ! -- the sky is the limits !!! i am adding my gbp/jpy chart aswell

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